prices of electrochromic film

Price for 1 sq.m. of electrochromic film for orders of 2 sq.m.  or more – please ask

Price for 1 sq.m. of electrochromic film – please ask

Price for 1pc. 12v-60v inverter / for car mounting / + dimmer + remote control module (connected to the necessary wires) + 1pc. remote control – please ask

Price for 1pc. transformer 220v-60v + remote control module + 1pc. RF remote control with dimming function – please ask

* The price includes 2 pcs of copper electrodes that are installed on each element of the electrochromic film, as well as the corresponding conductors.

* Please, provide us with the correct size in rectangular form of the electrochromic film so that we can offer delivery of the PDLC smart film with all necessary electrodes and wires installed.


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