An innovative solution for hotels, restaurants, conference rooms, shops. Personal space in cars, yachts and planes.


    We are an European-based distributor of the smart electrochromic film and we provide complete installation kits – the PDLC smart film and the electric devices needed to run it. We do all the initial preparation of the electrochromic film – installing the busbars, wiring and cutting.

    We ship to all European countries and provide a two-year guarantee for our high-quality procuts as well as a 24/7 online support for any questions you may have about the electrochromic film.

  • The electrochromic film is a high-tech product that allows the user to adjust the degree of transparency of windows, car windows and other clear panels by using electric current.
  • The degree of transparency of the electrochromic film can be controlled by either a remote control or by a fixed dimming switch.
  • The smart film provides personal space whenever and wherever you need it – in your office, home cabinet, at industrial and manufacturing spaces, at home or in your car. You can easily isolate the external environment with just a click of a button and focus on an important conference call or work project.
  • The smart electrochromic film can be powered both from the 220V power supply and from the 12V voltage when installed in cars and other vehicles.
  • Eco-friendly and energy-saving – the electrochromic smart film has an undeniable advantage especially in the summer season: its ability to insulate heat by successfully blocking over 98% UV rays and over 90% infrared rays, proving itself as an effective sunscreen.
  • The electrochromic film can also be used as a screen for images or video projection. With the appropriate light the images projected on the smart film are extremely bright and contrasting.
  • The smart film is moisture and temperature resistant, easy to install and requires no special maintenance
  • Available colors of electrochromic film: white, gray, red, green, yellow, blue and black
Електрохроматично фолио, умно фолиоЕлектрохроматично фолио

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CHARACTERISTICS of pdlc smart electrochromic film

   The electrochromic film for tinting windows and car windows is also known as “smart film“, “smart glass” or “PDLC film” (polymer dispersed liquid crystal film)

   The smart film is an innovative polymeric material that allows you to easily adjust the flow of light and the transparency of glass showcases and windows.

   The electrochromic film can be applied to glass or polycarbonate panels, does not require special maintenance and complex installation.

   The liquid crystals located inside the smart electrochromic film for tinting windows are in an chaotic state, which creates the matting effect of the smart film and makes it opaque. With the use of electricity the liquid crystals are properly arranged which makes the PDLC electrochromic film transparent.

   Depending on the amount of voltage applied, the electrochromic film can have different degrees of transparency, which makes it extremely useful in a wide range of areas – construction, interior design, providing privacy and comfort in industrial premises, offices, homes, cars (dimming car windows) and so on.

   The smart electrochromic film is controlled by an electrical module. A dimmer and a remote control can be connected to the module for an easier and remote use.

    The electrochromic film can tint windows in offices and industrial premises – shop windows, conference rooms, offices, manufacturing rooms.

   The smart film can also be installed at home. It makes it easy for you to tint windows, doors, partitions, glass showers, bathrooms.

   When used for dimming the windows of vehicles – cars, trucks, electric vehicles, boats, the electrochromic film provides the necessary tranquility and comfort for all travelers.

   Glass cases with electrochromic film installed find their application in the interior design of shopping centers and premises, hotels, restaurants and more.

* The smart film is self-adhesive and can be easily uninstalled and re-installed. The PDLC film has an unlimited number of on and off switches.

* The electrochromic film can be bent and cut with a sharp knife or scissors.

* The smart PDLC film protects the glass from breaking and falling apart. The electrochromic film does not fade over time and retains its original characteristics.

* Soundproofing characteristics – 2 to 3 times more when using electrochromic film than just ordinary glass.

* Extremely fast switching on and off of the electrochromic film under 0.5 seconds

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