The magic behind the electrochromic film / smart film for windows are the so called polymeric liquid crystals, coated in a polymer gel. This gel is a transparent electrically conductive substance with two layers of insulating coating. The liquid crystals inside the electrochromic film are chaotically scattered, causing the light to refract and this way the smart film remains opaque – which does not stop the flow of light completely, but limits transparency.

When the power ON button is used to supply electricity to the electrochromic film, the liquid crystals are arranged in a regular manner, they let the light in and the smart film becomes transparent. When different amount of voltage is used, the degree of transparency of the PDLC film can be controlled and you can apply the best option for your home, office or car.

The electrochromic film has an unlimited number of power ON and OFF cycles (transparent – opaque), does not fade with time, retains the same percentage of transparency and dimming.

Електрохроматично фолио

Power ON – При подаване на електричество към смарт фолиото: полимерните течни кристали се подреждат и електрохроматичното фолио става прозрачно.

Power OFF – При спиране на електричеството към смарт фолиото: полимерните течни кристали преминават в хаотично състояние и фолиото става матирано.


Color: white, gray, red, green, blue, yellow, black
Thickness: 0.54 mm
Storage and handling temperature: -10 – 45 C
Operating voltage: 48-65V (AC50 / 60HZ)
Power consumption: 5W / m2
Light transmittance when on: 78% -82%
Light transmittance when off: 5%
Visual angle > 140o
Turn-on speed 0.02 sec.
Number of switch-on/switch-off cycles:> 8,000,000
Working hours: > 50,000 hours
Maximum smart film size: 1500x5000mm.


Does your company provide installation of the electrochromic film?

We are an European-based distributor of the electrochromic film and we provide complete installation kits (the PDLC film + all required electronics) as well as instructions for proper installation and maintenance. When the customer or project contractor carefully follows the instructions, the process of installation is no different than dealing with all other kinds of glass film. Installing the smart film at your home or office is not a time-consuming or overwhelming task for anyone with basic technical knowledge.

Is it necessary for the electrochromic film to be installed by an electrician or a contractor?

If you do not have experience or knowledge in the field, we advise you to use professional service in your area for the installation as well as an electrician to connect the control module of the PDLC smart film. We provide you with a ready-to-install kit, with detailed instructions and recommendations, which will ensure your successful installation process and trouble-free operation of the electrochromic film.

Is it possible to install the smart film on a specific part of the window, such as only the top or bottom half?

Yes, you can install the electrochromic film on the top or bottom half of a window. Additional attention should only be paid to the exact location of the wiring.

Is it possible to cut the electrochromic film on site or do you need the exact dimensions when ordering?

The electrochromic film is cut with special laser equipment with the exact size of our customers’ requests to ensure maximum precision. Therefore, we advise you to accurately measure the window on which the smart film is going to be installed before placing an order. It is possible to make small adjustments to the film on site such as holes for hinges, handles, lining, etc.

Is the electrochromic film energy-saving?

Yes, the PDLC smart film is categorized as a green product that consumes only about 5 watts per square meter.

Does the smart film block UV rays?

Yes. One of the undeniable advantages of using an electrochromic film is its ability to block more than 98% of the harmful UV rays in both its energized and non-energized state.

Can I install the electrochromic film myself at home?

YES, we offer complete DIY kits with everything you need to install the electrochromic film. However, for larger projects, we advise you to use the services of a contractor and electrician.

How long does it take to produce and deliver the electrochromic film?

It depends on the quantity of your order. We do our best to deliver the electrochromic film to your address within 20 business days.

How do I order?

Send us a query with specific size to office@electrochromic.net. We will reply to you within 1 business day with the quote. .

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